corner of federal highway and macs reef road, bywong, nsw

"I was asked by a local sheep farmer (Kaveneys road) to clean up excess rockyoutcrops which protuded from the ground and caused him untold grief every time he tried to drive through his paddocks or carryout farming activies. I started gathering the excess rocks and discovered they were large columns upto 3m in legnth. The more rocks we gathered the bigger the pile grew. I called Tracey and told her I had an idea for a stonehenge like ciclre of stones at our farm. I loaded the rocks with a 35t excavator and carted them out to Sutton.

Over the next 6 weeks, we sorted and stood the rocks up, getting a few ideas from the original plans of the English version. We loosely based our structure on the english original, in a 20m outer circle and a 10m inner circle. We used another 35t Hitachi excavator to stand the rocks up and concrete them in. We aligned the major rocks east - west and then used our immagination to constrct the rest. We have had a great deal of interest in the structure and have plans to open it up for events, starting with a coffee van for visitors to the site. As you can see there are endless photo opportunities at sunrise/sunset (see Gallery). We will be taking wedding photo bookings for the site, and alongside is an area available for functions/events."

Rob & Tracey Wallace